Asylum (Official Music Video) by Maverick (2016)

Taken from the album ‘BIG RED’ released on 26/08/2016 by Metalapolis Records (Germany).
Featuring Kane Roberts & Jakob Samuel.

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Edited by John Connor:


MUSIC – Ryan, Dave, Mike

– Solo Mike –

Just once it would set me free,
To walk a path unknown.
If my walls had eyes they’d see,
I’m not in here alone.
The spirit world, it calls to me!
It bids me to my home.
It’s not enough, can’t speak the words ,
And for that I will atone.

Time is running out,
And you won’t let me breathe at all.
Oh, can you feel it? Oh, how i need it!

– Chorus –
I’ve wanted, I’ve needed,
To find a way out of this hell!
I’ve wanted, I’ve needed,
Freedom from life inside this cell!

– Solo Kane Roberts –

They come at night,
They scream my name,
And I must hear their call.
But then I’m bound, I’m gagged and fed,
Little poison, oh so small!

Time is running out,
And you won’t let me breathe at all!
Oh, can you feel it? Can you believe it?

– Chorus –

So patiently I’ve listened and obeyed your words.
This demon inside of me keeps screaming, clawing, ahhhhh!

– Solo Ryan –
– Solo Kane Roberts –

Oh the horrors I could tell!

– Solo Kane Roberts –