Two Tales Of Woe Doom Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

You have to tip your hat to a band like TWO TALES OF WOE. They haven’t had an easy time of it these last couple of years. Originally conceived by vocalist Carl King around 2005 and brought to reality by longtime cohort, guitarist Lar Bowler. They quickly earned a good name for themselves in the Irish metal scene, and are seen as a hardworking heavy as fuck shot to the metal system.

The band took the difficult route of self-producing their debut album. So they knuckled down to rehearsing and writing and slowly the songs took shape and were eventually released in 2009 as the excellent ‘A Conversation With Death’. The band gigged frequently and seemed to be on a roll. But then the line-up troubles began. A revolving door of guitarists, bassists and drummers came and went. Some of whom were drafted in simply as temporary members for gigging commitments.

But Carl and Lar, being the originators and only two constants in the band, stayed true and kept their dream alive down through the years. A second album is planned, which was being overseen by the ever competent Alwyn Walker in Wastland Studios. But it all went a bit sideways towards the end of 2014 when it was announced that the band was to call it a day. But after a short hiatus… four of the previous line-ups members have reformed, with former ACRID NEBULA guitarist Justin Maloney joining the ranks as the bands new guitarist. Their comeback show will be as support to CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in The Academy, Dublin on the 14th June 2015.

Their ‘A Conversation With Death’ album is available through their online bandsites for FREE download. Physical copies are still available at gigs (€5) and direct from the band via email (€5 excluding P+P).

Band Biography by Carl King…

Two Tales of Woe are a hard-working heavy metal band based in Dublin. Formed in 2005, the group take inspiration from a number of genres ranging from Doom and Sludge, to Classic Rock/Metal – down tuned and beefed up! You can download our first album “A Conversation With Death” for free on SoundCloud. If you like what you hear, hit us up on all the usual social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) and come check out a live show! Check in with us regularly for upcoming tour dates and info.

TWO TALES OF WOE is a mix of many influences from a group of musicians from Dublin, Ireland. These range from Doom and Sludge(CROWBAR, CATHEDRAL, DOWN, BLACK SABBATH) to Classic Rock/Metal(AC/DC,ZZ TOP, SLAYER, MASTODON) down tuned and beefed up! TTOW blend a healthy dose of all these influences in equal amounts.




Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Rock, Sludge Doom, Stoner Doom

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Carl King - Vocals
  • Dan Walsh - Guitars
  • Chris DeBrabandere - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Dave Buttner - Bass
  • Matt Gaynor - Bass
  • Ken Bell - Bass
  • Joe Panama - Bass
  • Damian O'Brien - Bass
  • Chris DeBrabandere - Bass
  • Justin Maloney - Guitars
  • David Quinn - Guitars
  • John Nesbitt - Guitars
  • Barry Christie - Guitars
  • Ross Duffy - Guitars
  • Lar Bowler - Guitars
  • Gavin Burns - Drums
  • Conor Mullan - Drums
  • Rob Matthews - Drums
  • Alex Alverado - Drums
  • John Clarke - Drums
  • Tom O'Connor - Drums
  • Dan Lang - Drums
  • Johnny Kerr - Drums
  • Kelvin Doran - Drums