Jet Fuel Chemistry Hard Rock / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

JET FUEL CHEMISTRY are a new hard rocking outfit out of Dublin. Only the one single ‘Phantom’ available to date, but hopefully it won’t be too long to long to wait before we get a proper Demo, EP or even Full-Length from them.

Official Biography…

“Hard Rock newcomers JET FUEL CHEMISTRY have burst onto the scene in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland where underground venues have been shaken to their foundations by hoarse-throated twenty-something rock and metal fans dancing their hearts out to uplifting riffs and grooves that pack a serious punch.

The five-piece ensemble met through session work on the Dublin scene, and bonded over their mutual affection for beastly riffs, leather jackets, whiskey and Ireland’s esteemed Heavy Rock and Metal culture.

Dan Cusack is the ever-moving, ever-grooving frontman of the outfit. The three part rhythm section is made up of heavy rhythm guitarist Lorcan Macken, prog-nut Martin Killeen on drums and Russia’s very own Danny Bochkov rumbling away on bass. Last but not least, David “Dog” O’Grady sprinkles all the thick bluesy goodness he can muster on top. Notoriously, this band plays hard, and bops like a Ryanair flight in a moderate breeze.”




Hard Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Dan Cusack - Vocals
  • Lorcan Macken - Guitar
  • David O'Grady - Guitar
  • Danny Bochkov - Bass
  • Martin Killeen - Drums