Celtic Legacy Celtic Heavy Metal / Co. Kildare

Celtic Legacy is an Irish heavy metal band formed in 1997. Despite never having a record contract (although the band was offered small recording deals on 6 occasions) the band utilised its resources to fund and record 3 albums up to 2008.

The band line-up changed several times from 1997-2009 with the only constant members being Dave Morrissey and Dave Boylan who also wrote 90% of the band’s material.

Of the 3 albums the band released during the initial 12-year period, Resurrection – the second album is widely regarded as the band’s high water mark. It was voted album of the year on several sites in 2003/2004 and the title track has become the band’s signature tune. The album received incredible reviews upon release and is still regarded with huge affection by both die hard fans and casual listeners to the band’s music.

In 2008, after a prolonged search for a stable line-up, Legacy recorded Guardian Of Eternity album. A year after the release of the album, Celtic Legacy finished as a gigging entity, with the various members going their separate ways.

A new single entitled ‘My People’ was released on August 4 2014. On September 28 2014 it was announced that a new Celtic Legacy album entitled ‘The Lie of the Land’ would be released during Winter 2014.

Some of the band’s previous albums are still available for sale both in physical format and as downloads.

The Legacy goes on and on!




Celtic Heavy Metal, Celtic Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Rock

Year Formed



On Hold

Members (Current)

  • Dave Morrissey - Guitars / Keyboard
  • Ciaran Ennis - Vocals

Members (Former)

  • Dave Boylan - Bass
  • Tommy Branagan - Vocals
  • Ciara Roe - Fiddle
  • Phil McEvoy - Drums
  • Mel Shields - Vocals
  • Darren Maher - Guitars
  • Stephen Cash - Drums
  • Mark Guildea - Vocals
  • Conor Gillen - Drums / Tin Whistle
  • Keith Hendley - Guitars / Backing Vocals
  • Eoin Ennis - Guitars / Keyboards