Riverchrist [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] by zhOra (2018)

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Have you ever seen a wonder I have not wrought?
I doubt you taste your freedom at the bottom of my boot, exquisitely placed on your throat.
A regal thumb screws you to the stocks (God I am)
Bibelot. Abusing your life.

Pray to me, I’m not even thinking of you peons.
From your throats I’ll be sucking the blood.
Leverage your fear against you, furthering my own miopic cause.

Spirits walk amongst us, at least that’s what my edict says is true.
Their “will” and “force” fabricated by me.
Let me lay my certain hands upon you.
Character, faith, hope. Wait, I will show you all.
Except the truth;
To bequeath your will.

He brings words that break me.

Spirits walk amongst us; a lie!
The only thing is death left to come.

Story by zhOra.

Animation by Goat Planet –

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