Sagittarius by LAMP (, 2011)

Album Plays: 3

1. Equestrian Arrow
2. Hook In Mouth
3. The Mate4. Memory Like A Fish
5. Brick Ticker
6. Taurus
7. Walking Forward Looking Back
8. Temet Nosce
9. Head Hurdle
10. Sagittarius

Release Date:  3rd February, 2011
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Shane O Leary: Guitar/Vocals
Ted Murphy: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Phil Cottor [email protected]
Mastered by Air Mastering [email protected]
Artwork by P-J Fidler [email protected]
Graphics and design by Rory O Brien

Guitar solo on track 10 Sagittarius by Fuzz Fontaine
Double bass by Eleanor Healy, viola by Clare o’ Brien on Sagittarius.