Lonely Doom by Bad Boat (, 2009)

Album Plays: 1

1. Lonely Doom
2. Mechanical World (Spirit cover)
3. Lucky To Be Breathing
4. Uphill Struggle

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Bass – Niall Ward
Vocals – Tom Clarke
Drums – Mike McGoran
Guitars – Graeme Heyburn
Guitars – Gerard McGoran

(Recorded at Railway Studios… Original CD run limited to 100 copies… Re-released on 12″vinyl in 2013 through Freak Flag Records)

Tracks from this release were originally intended for a 10″ split release with HAIEETA who split before it was finalised. The EP was then self-released on a limited run of 100 CD’s back in 2009. Freak Flag Records eventually re-released it on 12″ vinyl, as it was originally intended, in 2013.